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How To Know If A Filipina Is Scamming You?

Many foreign men go to the Philippines hoping to find true love. Filipinas are considered to be the most beautiful women in the world both inside and outside. The Philippines is a charming country, but the people are not perfect just like the rest of the world. There are also unpleasant sides that everyone should be aware of. The truth is that there are scammers even in legit dating websites. 

Getting scammed especially by someone you love is very painful both emotionally and financially. That is why you should know how to avoid them at the early stage of interaction. The good news is that there are known redflags that you can be cognizant of to avoid being conned. 

Here are the best signs if your Filipina lover is a scammer or con artist:

  1. You just met this beautiful Filipina on a dating site or app where you are subscribed as a paid client, and after a few contacts she declares her love for you, and would like to communicate with you privately using a chat or email. In this example, insist on staying on the dating site’s platform, so it would be a lot easier to track your conversations in the future.
  1. Be very mindful of the information they show on the internet like their profiles on the dating website or app and social media. Double check the consistency of their photos and descriptions of themselves as a lot of these scammers use other peoples photos. Compare if the description of themselves like appearance and hobbies matches on what they show on the internet. 
  1. After gaining your trust in few weeks, months, or even years, they try to make up a detailed story where they need a huge amount of money for one or more of the following:
  • Surgery or medical treatment for themselves or family members
  • Tuition fee for their children or siblings
  • Pay household bills(house rental, internet, electricity, food, etc.)
  • Placement fee to be paid to the recruitment agency when looking for a work abroad
  • Even borrowing money from you to pay their personal loans or debts

If you decline to send money to her, she changes her communication towards you – more direct, aggressive, and pityful. If you do send money to her, she starts being much nicer than usual and the following week, she makes up another story and asks for money again.

  1. She has all the alibis to not show her face on a video call like her internet connection is poor or she is at work and could not be disturbed. If she agrees for a video call or video chat with you, make sure that she is really the one typing on the keyboard and not someone else. There are cases where some scammers show up their beautiful faces and smiles but it’s another person typing the answers for them. 
  2. Take notice on how she constructs her messages(when she chats or emails) and words(when she talks on a call). Are her messages perfectly written with no grammatical errors while her English sounds broken on the phone? Make sure that you are communicating to only one person. 
  3. If you are suspecting her to have multiple chatmates while chatting with you, test her by making a separate email and send her messages to check if she is really committed to you. 

How to avoid being scammed by your Filipina?

  1. Familiarize yourself with the red flags written above. If you experience any of the examples, talk it out with your family, closed friends or church leaders, and see if they are concerned about you and your newly found love on the internet. 
  2. Research the person you are dating on the internet. Check her online profiles on Google, Linked In, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. This would not only tell you if her information matches her words but also give you a bird’s eye view of her life.
  3.  Never send any money or gift to your Filipina unless you meet her and her family in person.

Deceivers are everywhere and most rampant on the internet. As soon as you detect that someone is scamming you make sure to report on the dating site or social site you are using. You may also block or must stop communicating with that person. You can also report spying experts or private investigators if you are willing to pay for the price. It’s much better to be careful than to regret at the end.

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