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How to know if your Filipina is honest?

Honesty is one of the most important traits in a relationship. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Honesty is the best policy!”. As one of the founding fathers of the United States, Benjamin values honesty in every relationship. Even up to this day, telling the truth will always be one of the core values in any relationship, may it be in the family, friendship, work, and above all, marriage. The thing is that no one is perfect. Everyone absolutely lies!

When it comes to having a relationship with a Filipina, things can get rather complicated. Not only because you have to deal with cultural and values differences. But most of all, you have to get to know each other very well on a deeper level. First, the number-one thing you have to look into, is to learn how to know if your Filipina is being honest or not. To help you assess if your Filipina is someone genuine and honest, here are the 7 proven and scientific ways to master.

1. Her Voice Is Steady.

This part can get a little tricky. Some Filipinas have high-pitch voices accompanied by sweet accents while others sound mad even though they are not. In any of these doesn’t mean they are dishonest. Think about it. There are 7,107 islands in the Philippines. Each of the provinces may speak differently from the other. 

There are two things to check with her voice. First, her breathing should be steady. Someone who is lying tends to breathe heavier while speaking because of the change in the flow of their blood and heart rate. Second, her speaking voice is steady. As the person experiences the feeling of nervousness in the body, the next thing affected is the speaking voice. 

Tip: Get to know first how she usually speaks in a regular conversation. If her voice is steady, it’s a good sign of honesty.

2. She Uses Nonverbal Cues(Nose, Throat, Abdomen, Eyes..)

Generally, Filipinos love to use their body language as a way to communicate. There is the lip pouting when trying to point a certain object or direction. Also very commonly used is the nodding while raising eyebrows with a smile. This is a casual Filipino gesture to greet each other in a quick way. But the most notorious one is when a Filipina gives a silent fierce look. Your Filipina will typically give you this signal during your skirmishes. This means she is having ‘tampo’ or sulking and needs some time to recover. 

The key to checking non-verbal cues when it comes to honesty is paying attention to their nose, throat, abdomen, and eyes. Is she touching her nose while speaking? If she does, it is because certain tissues in the nose are congested which releases histamine that makes the nose itchy. Is she covering her body parts like head, throat, abdomen, or chest with her hands as she speaks? These are the body parts that liars tend to cover when they are not telling the truth. And for the eyes, if she gives you a consistent rhythm of blinking while speaking, most likely she is telling you the truth. Research backs it up that a liar will blink more slowly while delivering their sentences, and then will blink up to eight times faster than usual after the lie has been told. 

Tip: Don’t confuse the day-to-day’s Filipino body language from the ones mentioned by the experts. 

3. She Speaks In Complete Sentences.

There is a research done by UCLA regarding the subject of lying. According to their studies, liars use broken sentences more than usual while speaking, and the honest person tends to use complete sentences as she speaks. This can be quite challenging if your Filipina doesn’t speak your language well. But, if you are a native of English speaking countries, this shouldn’t matter as a great number of Filipinos speak very decent English.

Tip: On top of familiarizing non-verbal cues, be attentive to how she forms her sentences when speaking her narrative. 

4. She Won’t Let You Touch Her Tech Gadgets.

The Philippines is one of the leading countries with the most Facebook users, with almost 100 million users as of July 2020. Technology has become part of our daily lives, particularly social media. What this means for Filipinas is that they love to capture moments whether ordinary or spectacular ones. A usual Filipina shares pictures of her special someone, family, friends, workmates, and famous personalities she admires like actors and actresses. There are some who have multiple social media accounts too. 

For that reason, it is important to test how she reacts when you go near her smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This shouldn’t be a trust issue at all. If she melts down or freaks out when you insist on it, most likely she may be hiding something from you or cheating on you. 

Tip: Ask politely when wanting to touch and check her gadgets. Assure her that you care for the well-being of your relationship. And that, she can also open your techs for the same purpose or another as long as you both agree. 

5. She Sounds Like She’s Memorized Certain Lines. 

Deceivers sometimes go an extra mile to rehearse their lies so as to convince the person they are lying to. Not only do they practice this to achieve what they want but also to clear themselves up from the trouble they started with. If your Filipina sounds like she rehearsed her lines and she doesn’t let you ask her follow-up questions, then it’s very likely that she is lying.

For instance, she asks you to send her money for whatever reason. Let’s say she tells you the money is for helping out her family in the province. You might want to fact-check her statement to make sure that the money is going to the right place with the right people. This may include you asking from her family members or closest friends to get details. 

Tip: An honest person has nothing to hide. If your Filipina girlfriend or partner makes it quite difficult for you to investigate things out within your relationship, she’s not being truthful to you. 

6. She Has A Bad Name For Being A Fibber. 

Having a good reputation promotes good relationships. You can learn a lot about your Filipina by the reputation she has from her family and closest friends. Although this is not always a sure thing in determining that she is being honest. If you keep hearing substantial negative things about her, do your detailed research further. Then you might want to think twice about your relationship with her.

Tip: A good reputation represents who she really used to be. The people closest to her should have a good opinion about her.  

7. Your Instincts Are Telling You It’s The Truth.

Have you ever been in a situation where your impulse says you to rely on your own guts without having to know the reason why? It is proven by researchers that our instincts for determining whether a person is lying or telling the truth is good enough. If you get to a point in your relationship with a Filipina, where you feel something is not right. A good conversation will always clear things out. Don’t feel insecure to talk it out. After all, if she is really being honest with you, sharing even the slightest detail of her daily routine is something she delights. 

Tip: In any relationship, a healthy communication not only keeps your relationship together but also meets each one’s needs. Encourage her to engage more even in a small conversation. 

Learning to get to know each other is part of attaining a thriving relationship. Though, determining if your Filipina girlfriend is telling you the truth or the lies isn’t that easy. Only time and patience can say whether you know her pretty much on a personal level. So, take your time in getting to know her. Ask lots of questions politely and examine if she is being consistent in her words and actions. 

Ultimately, you just want to spend your life with someone who has a genuine heart and is truthful enough to share a meaningful life with you. So do yourself a huge favor by mastering these 7 ways to know if your Filipina is honest. 

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