how to know your filipina loves you

How to know if your Filipina really loves you?

Are you seriously dating a Filipina? Then, probably you want to know if she really loves you back. Comprehending what is the depth, height, length of love can be beautiful, exciting, yet terrifying. You might be enthralled by her beauty and characteristics, but you also want to find out if there is a mutual commitment in the relationship. After all, you don’t want to cast pearls before swine with your time, effort, money, and emotion.

Just as you may have heard about Filipinos, they are generally timid especially in a swarm of unfamiliar faces. When it comes to the early stage of your relationship, they are reserved even much more. They have this Filipino term, “pakiramdaman[verb] which means to sharpen one’s senses directed toward something. So if you are just starting to date a Filipina, don’t feel bad if she doesn’t talk a lot. In the end, love is not just a word you say, but a thing you do that matters. 

Here are some of the best hints on how to recognize that your Filipina really loves you, without having to say the ‘love’ word.

1. She stays connected with you on a regular basis

You know when someone really cares about you when she regularly keeps in touch with you. No matter how busy life can get, a Filipina who truly loves you finds time checking on you whether it is by a phone call or personal message. And, it is not just a plain ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ message but really in an intentional way. This is most especially obvious in a long-distance relationship.

2. She becomes worried about you when she thinks something is wrong

Things can sometimes go wrong like you having a discussion with your boss at work or getting into a small traffic accident. Be careful on how you deliver the news to your Filipina, because in most cases, she tends to overreact in situations where she thinks something is wrong. On the other hand though, her worries seem to be a good sign that she genuinely thinks about you. 

3. She wants to know about your past

Talking about past relationships with your current partner is often times awkward. It can either bring your connection up to the next level or backfire and cut the tie between the two of you. It is okay to raise the subject about a past relationship especially if she asks for it. She just wants to protect your relationship, that she wants to know who you were in the past and how you deal with your previous connections. 

4. She apologizes when she needs to (and sometimes when they don’t)

Filipinos are fond of apologizing not only because they really mean it but they think it is polite to say so. When a Filipina says sorry to you for a mistake or wrong doing, you know she means it by her words and actions. Asking forgiveness also expresses her intimacy with you. If you encounter this situation, then it is a good sign that you are with the right person because she honors your relationship.

5. She asks about the boring details of your life. And she remembers those details, even just the ones you share in passing

Women in general remember more verbal information accurately than men, according to researchers in Sweden. This unique ability of women make them a better problem solver in times of relationship problems. Once you start having a closer relationship with your Filipina, she will throw a bunch of questions about you, your hobbies, likes and dislikes, etc. Be prepared to answer the questions because she remembers them very well. 

6. She talks about the future — and want to know what you want

You know that you have a good future with someone when the person shares future plans with you. And that she wants to know yours too. What is even much better if really mean what she talks about with you. You can test that by paying attention on how she delivers her words, like is the information vague or detailed and hypothetical or doable. Opening up about where the relationship is headed should be considered a great move because it helps you see if you are in the same page or not. 

Aside from your instincts, don’t just listen to your male friends about how to tell if she is  really into you. You have got to know it yourself by knowing her more deeply and double-checking her using these 6 helpful tips. How else will you know that she genuinely loves you? 

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