how to spot fake filipina dating profiles

How to spot fake Filipina dating profiles

Become aware, train your detective skills and learn how to spot fake Filipina dating profiles. You can date a Filipina online with caution. Learn to know her and build up the trust. But, be aware of the scammers with fake Filipina dating profiles. Let’s have a look at Filipina dating profiles:

Avoid being scammed first!

  • Choose the right online dating website
  • Is the profile verified?
  • Control your emotions, you will find the right Filipina at the right time
  • Never send money

The single most import advice I can give you is, choose the right online dating website. Don’t expect to find the right partner in an easy way for free. Whit that dating attitude, you set you up for being scammed.

Only chat with verified profiles. You want to have a better understanding with who you are chatting? Sent a message and expect a real human answer, without a fake scam being set-up. Then only chat or message with verified profiles.

Their is no free lunch in Filipina online dating

Filipina Dating

Take your time in messaging and getting to know your lifetime partner. Filipina online dating should not be rushed, nor is there a need to make emotional commitments over the internet. Communicate and build a strong relationship. Control your emotions, you will find the right Filipina at the right time.

Never send money to an online date! Never ever ever! Don’t prepare for being scammed. If you commit to never ever sending money to a Filipina date, you can focus on the relatinship. The moment you decide this, the sooner you will focus fully on what matters.

Ways to spot a fake Filipina dating profile

  • Is the profile completed?
  • What is the quality of the profile information?
  • How are the profile pictures?
  • Is the profile set-up from a suspicious country?
  • Is communication in generic messages?
  • Are there discrepancies in the story?
  • Did they ask for money?

Is the profile completed?

A minimalist profile, one with only a name, an age and a gender, is not a profile off a highly motivated person. This should not mean that it’s a fake profile for sure. But it’s an indication to stay away from interacting with such a low quality profile until the profile is completed.

What is the quality of the profile information?

Once the profile is completed, you can spot fake profiles with checking the profile’s quality. A nice introduction. Well written sentences, no big spelling mistakes. Profile’s biographies should not be Shakespeare, it should be personal and well written.

How are the profile pictures?

A picture says more than a thousand words. How are the profile pictures looking? Too good to be true? Model, actress or photoshoot pictures are not what you need to look for in a real profile. Fake profiles can be spotted easily on the truthfulness of the pictures. Avoid stock foto like profiles. Photos should be personal, good looking and familiar. Nobody should put ugly photos online. Sexy pictures are more likely to be used by fake profiles too. And the photo should match the story.

Is the profile set-up from a suspicious country?

Countries like Nigeria, Ukraine, and The Philippines have a bad reputation and are scam-sensitive. Don’t interact with suspicious profiles. At our Filipina dating member site, we check the profiles and fake profiles are proactively blocked.

Note: background research in online dating profiles show that 51% of all fake profiles are set-up from Nigeria or Ukraine. The Philippines has third place in the infamous fake-profile ranking. Don’t get fooled, be suspicious and selective in your Filipina online dating efforts.

Is communication in generic messages?

“Hello, sir”, “How is it in your country?”, would be a great example of a scammer who is setting you up. The non-personal, generic messages signal a dishonest online dating behavior. Just report the profile. Good communication is tailored to the profile you are chatting or messaging with. The name, the age, the country, … probably visible in the user’s profile, should be used in a high-value communication.

Are there discrepancies in the story?

A story should be true and constant. Asking your name day, after day. Asking about your job over and over again can be a sign of dementia or fake profiles. Since fake profiles focus on chatting and messaging tons of people at the same time, they forget and don’t pay attention to details. Once you notice a discrepancy in their story, that’s the time to report and block a profile. Don’t argue with them, they are trained to convince you into their lie. A profile who tells you fak information, cannot remember, nor respond in time. Keep your guard up. And note these discrepancies in the story and the storytelling timing.

Did they ask for money?

Never ever ever, send money. The golden rule to prevent you from being scammed. No, not just once. Granny got sick, nop. Sister broke her leg, nothing from me. University enlisting fees went up. Not a dime. Of course, life events can happen. Especially in The Philippines life can be hard and the family provides for one another. But you are dating, you are (not yet) family. Be sensitive, compassionate and stand strong in an honest relationship. As soon as it’s all about the money. Report, block and move forward. Just your thought to sent money will attract the fake Filipina dating profiles. And online dating is a virtual bloodbath you don’t wanna swim in!

What to do after you spot a fake Filipina dating profile?

Report the profile to the website owner. None of the good and trusted Filipina dating websites like to have fake dating profiles on their website.

You can report a fake Filipina profile, Filipina Dating will investigate and take action.

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With these tips, you learned to be cautious and not diving head first into Filipina dating. Further, you learned to be your own detective & never fall for a fake Filipina dating profile! Lastly, you can contact our support to help you with any of your concerns about Filipina dating.

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