What to expect when dating a Filipina girl

What to expect when dating a Filipina girl?

When you date a girl in The Philippines, you are willing to meet your loved one. For many relationships that means traveling around the world to meet up. But before you do that it can be good to think twice about what to expect when dating a Filipina girl,

What is special about dating in The Phippines?

Dating in the Philippines is taken very serious by most Filipinas. That means that they are looking for the right partner to have a lifelong relationship with. Most Filipinas cannot afford to play around and get involved with the wrong partner.

As many Filipinas are Christians, they also look towards a traditional Christian relationship. Faithful in the marriage, focused on God.

Online dating with a Filipina

If you wanna meet the woman of your dreams and you think she lives in The Philippines, then online dating can be the best start. Many Filipinas are looking for a dream partner online. These Filipinas want to live their dream, and there is a good chance you can meet your dream partner too.

When you start dating online with a Filipina, you probably wonder why she would like to date you. It’s very simple, most Filipinas are attracted to Western men. Whether you are from America, Canada, or Europe, most Filipinas will be happy to meet you.

However, a good Filipina girl will only be happy to meet you, if you are one of the good guys. Not one of these guys who travel to drink beers and meet cheap bar girls. Filipinas don’t want to meet guys hanging in Filipino bars, they want to meet a guy like you.

What to do when she wants to meet you?

1. Let her know that you are not one of these bar guys

Whether you talking about yourself and the relationship, you will do good to keep in mind that she wants to be reassured that you are not one of these bad guys. Guys who go to bars in The Philippines to drink cheap beer, have some fun and find cheap girls.

If you take online dating serious and you value your relationship, you will have to make it clear what your interest in visiting The Philippines is. But hanging out in cheap bars is better not one of them.

The greatest mistake a Filipina girl can make in online dating is getting involved with the wrong man. Her self-esteem, her family’s trust in her and her womanhood can be lost in a misstep like that.

2. She wants more than to be just your girlfriend

If a Filipina wants to be your girlfriend, she wants to care for you for the rest of her life. A Filipina wants to start being your girlfriend. Date online. Get to know you. But she wants to be more than just a hookup. She wants to be all in the relationship and marry the man of her dreams.

Filipinas will feel more complete with a marriage. Her family values, her Christian values will make her reach further than just being the girlfriend.

3. You must think about her family

Once you get to know your Filipina dream partner, you probably understood that she has a family that she cares for. Filipinas are thinking about the family members she grew up with. Her parents, her siblings, their future will mean a lot to her. Since Filipinos are taking care of family members, she will be looking to provide for them. Filipinas are providing emotional, relationship, financial, material support in various ways.

Furthermore, are many Filipino families bigger families. This can be an overwhelming feeling as you are looking to meet them. But Filipino families are also very hospitable which will make the encounter with her family an enjoyable meet up.

4. Approaching her online is easier than approaching her in person

The best and the easiest way to meet a Filipina is thru an online dating site. Filipina Dating Online is focused on quality member profiles and private communication channels. But first back to why it is easier to approach her online?

First of all, Filipinas are generally speaking sky in talking to a foreigner. Therefore, if you would meet a random girl in The Philippines, she would probably not talk back. She maybe would stare at you, she could smile at you, but it’s not common to talk back to strangers. In the case that a Filipina is approaching you as a foreigner in The Philippines, the changes in talking with a professional bar girl are big.

Secondly, Filipinas who you can approach online in one dating website can live across The Philippines. This means that you could need to travel outside the major cities to meet one another. The Philippines, with more than 7000 islands, three island groups ( Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao ) and 300.000km2., is a pearl of the orient to travel too. However, approaching her online first is still easier than traveling around to meet a random Filipina.

What to expect when dating a Filipina?

She will be caring and supportive

A Filipino Woman will put her needs in front of hers, she will be caring and supportive every step of the way. She probably will pamper you; making pancit, giving a massage, thanking you for caring,…

Body gestures

Filipinos love their gestures. Pointing with their mouth is just one of them. There are many more to learn about.

Filipino breakfast

Filipino women are likely to prepare rice and egg breakfast. Forget the toast, oatmeal or other cereals. Rice is good for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Understand tampo

Don’t be freaked out if you get confronted with tampo. Tampo may include: ignoring, pouting and acting like a child for as little as a few hours to days on end. Patience needed.

The Filipino family

There are three words for Filipino families: Affectionate, warm and very loud. They will make you feel part of the family right away. And you will never starve. They probably have enough food to feed a village.

Karaoke and party

There is no Filipino party without some karaoke and tons of leftovers. Seriously there is tons of food on a Filipino party. Might as well take some home.


Finally, don’t take my word for it. Read a few more testimonials and personal experiences about dating a Filipina girl. Read this personal story, or search for others. But what can you expect when dating a Filipina girl? First of all, Filipinas are looking for a lifelong relationship in marriage. They are not playing around, but looking for the good guys to become their life partner. Secondly, when dating online, you will have to make sure that you are one of those good guys! Once that thurst is established you can expect a loving, caring and warm Filipina girl.

What do you expect when dating a Filipina girl? Let us know, and share your views below.

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